Saturday, October 18, 2008


Just updating from my long hiatus from blogging here :)
If you'd like quicker updates, look for me on twitter!!

I made a few sales this month, which makes me very happy :D
I listed a few things, worked really hard on trying to get myself out there.

Here's my list of places I know I got a sale from:

Etsy Forums

So, some things work, others don't. My advice, is to try a little bit of everything, because I hear people get a lot of sales from places I don't see me ever getting sales from. The key is just trying. Try to get your name out there as far as you can. :)

New things on Etsy:

I know, too much :P

I also had a custom order for a brooch that I really like:

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jeweledrabbit said...

Those azure flower earrings are beautiful.