Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Helpful things to use.

Google Reader?
Do you use Google Reader?
Google Reader is a way to keep up with everyone's blog. This could help you snag that special blog deal, or read up on some really helpful tips.

There are other ways to use Google Reader. You could use it to keep up with Etsy Alchemy.
This way, you are updated on Alchemy whenever someone posts a request. I keep up with the Storque on my feeds, and alchemy. How do you add a feed?
This is usually indicated by an orange button that looks like this:

Click it, select 'Google Reader' and it's added.

Email updates:
If you use FireFox, you can add a notifier to popup when you have an email. I use one for my Yahoo! mail to notify me every 5 minutes of any incoming emails. The mail button turns orange and makes a noise, which you can turn off, or change the noise.


Do you use twitter and have FireFox? TwitterFox is a FireFox extension which updates you about incoming Twitterers' tweets however so often you calibrate the notifier for. This helps with staying up to date, but not having to stay on the site 24/7.

That's all my tips for now!


jeweledrabbit said...

I use Google Reader. There's no way I could keep up with all the blogs I read if I didn't use a reader.

jeweledrabbit said...

I just subscribed to your blog. :p

Tina said...

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader. So happy I did that. Thanks for the Twitterfox tip. I'm going to check that out.