Sunday, June 22, 2008

I think I will try flickr

So far, I have tried Myspace, Indierepublic, Weloveetsy, however, I have no tried Flickr!
Somehow it helps, so, I'll try it an we'll see! Hopefully it'll help because as of... forever. I haven't sold a piece of jewelry! I've sold a banner, but, ugh.
Sometimes it's just so frustrating and disappointing. I know, relist, list, advertise, chatrooms, forums. I do all of those. I haven't given up hope yet, and I hope you guys don't either!!



BlossomingTree said...

You're not alone. I haven't given flickr a try either. I mean, I set up an account when Yahoo closed their photo section but I don't think I've visited it more than 2 or 3 times. I'll have to give it a shot or set up a new account for product pics. Good luck to you. I know its frustrating waiting on a sale. Keep at it.:)

Tara said...

Keep your spirits up! Selling jewelry on Etsy is really hard! There are so many people selling jewelry! Your pieces are really cute, you'll find an audience! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck with your tomatoes!

Parallax Photo said...

Good luck with flickr! If you get into it, it's a lot of fun and good exposure.

MELANIE said...

Flickr is great and...addicting!

Morrgan said...

Hang in there, it can take some time. :) Never tried flickr myself, I'm already on more sites than I can keep track of!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Hi! Oh yes try Flickr! Flickr rocks! I ♥ it! I have a flickr post that I did a few wks ago.